AINSLEY DESIGN & CONCEPT is a dynamic company whose mission is to accompany you through your renovation project. Each project is unique. We love to explore different avenues by conducting thorough search and careful selection of materials, colors, fabrics and stylized accessories – Our goal: to shape your space to your lifestyle.

Through our innovative and creative spirit, we will be able to offer you a design concept that will meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Since 2010, AINSLEY DESIGN & CONCEPT offers high quality service. Affiliated with a team of qualified contractors, detailed focused with an emphasis on current market trends. I’m a passionate interior designer and with my innovative and creative spirit who will guide you through options and design choices and positively transform your living environment.

Caroline Ainsley

Extensive travels and the aviation world inspired me to explore and practice my creativity. While I started to exercise my trade with smaller scoped renovation and decoration projects within my network of contacts, I obtained my degree in interior design at LaSalle College. In parallel, I began to explore the art world more in depth and decided to pursue my studies in history of art at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

Through various projects and surrounded by qualified professionals in all areas of construction and decoration from the contractor to the seamstress, my enterprise has flourished. My passion for travel, omnipresent, is an opportunity for me to discover the decorating and trends of other countries and cultures that I integrate sparingly into my projects.