Oversized ceramic tiles; BE DARING!

Why not take the leap? Since the trend made its entry into the market, I’ve integrate more and more of them in my interior design projects for my customers.

The preferred 12 in x 24 in and 24 in x 24 in formats have been replaced by 24 in x 48 in, 36 in x 36 in and even 32 in x 64 in formats ! Italian exporters will push the envelope up to a XXL format of 60 in x 120 in which should be available soon in our region according to my favorite supplier; Super Ceramics.

But why opt for a larger format? For a uniform, harmonious and uncluttered effect! These large tiles will also provide a sense of space and offer more interesting finishes and textures. They are a must to integrate into your decor.

If you decide to opt for this product, here is what you need to know!

The quantity required

The quantity must be calculated in the number of tiles required and not in total area. Instead of determining the number of square feet of the surface to be covered, the ideal method is to draw a scaled plan and then graphically reproduce the tiles in this space (which is called in tile jargon the laying plan) while considering the design we want to obtain. They may be installed side by side, or brick style or any other pattern you wish.

The cut

A saw adapted to cut these big tiles will be necessary to obtain a professional and impeccable result. It can be rented or bought therefore plan for this in the project budget.


The required amount of ceramic or porcelain tiles will be less to cover the entire surface versus using standard tiles. Also note that with their very sharp edges (which we refer to as “rectified cut”), we install them closer to each other. For both these reasons, less grout will be required.


You must make sure that it is well prepared, that it is level, and that the correct mortar is used to prevent cracks.


I recommend that you hire professionals who will choose the best installation practices and guarantee their work.