Are you planning to renovate a room in your house or your entire property? Here are the outlined steps to ensure the success of your project.

1. Determine your needs

What is wrong with the room, what do we like, what do we dislike about it? Are the problems a lack of storage or lighting for example? Are there any elements that we want to keep? (furniture or accessories). Write down the answers to these questions and make a list of your wishes ranked by priority.

2. Establish your budget

I will be able to accompany you in this very important step. I also suggest keeping some leeway for the unexpected, especially if your house is older, you might have some surprises!

It will be necessary to make informed choices when the time comes to make the purchases in order not to sink into the "We mind as well" mode which has the effect of raising the overall budget for a project.

3. Structure the schedule

I will inform you and I develop with you the game plan. It is important to know that if you do the work near the two weeks of construction holidays (towards the end of July), it’s possible that this will result in additional delays to your schedule for the execution of the work, as well as for delivery of materials, furniture, etc. It is good to know that the autumn and winter months are generally less busy in the renovation field, so you may have greater availability of labor.

4. What style inspires you?

What style inspires you? The clean and minimalist style, classic and warm, country-style with its tiles and floral patterns? What decor could suit you? The sources of inspiration are numerous.

Magazines and the internet are good sources of ideas for interior design, but your personality, your tastes and your experiences remain your best inspiration. You consider yourself neophytes in terms of decoration and design? I am here to guide you and offer you original design solutions and make you discover the latest and latest trends while creating a decor that will meet your needs.

5. Some things you need remember

Will you need a renovation or construction permit from the city for the construction? Most municipalities require it, and delivery times vary from place to place. You plan to remove a wall? will your house structure be changed? In this case, you will need a plan approved by a qualified architect or technologist before starting the work. I will help inform you of these requirements

6. New design, new decor!

Good planning is the key to a successful renovation project and avoiding unpleasant surprises. I’m looking forward to accompanying you throughout this important undertaking.